Doppelherz brand history

The brand Doppelherz has a long tradition and today stands for trusted quality products for the health and well-being of the whole family. Doppelherz offers a variety of high-quality vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and special nutrients for an active and healthy lifestyle. Here you can find out more about the success story of Queisser Pharma.
How it all started
1890 - 1920


The history of Queisser Pharma begins in 1897 in a small pharmaceutical factory in Hamburg. The graduate pharmacist Alfred Queisser had come from the district of Dresden to Hamburg to make his fortune as a manufacturer. He focused on the production of health and care products such as creams, liquid soap and toothpaste. Despite difficult circumstances, Alfred Queisser managed to continuously expand the company. He owed this to his extensive talents as a businessman, scientist and imaginative advertising expert, whom he united in one person.


The second root of today's company Queisser Pharma was created by pharmacist Josef Peter Hennes from Essen in Germany. In 1919, he developed the original formula of today's Doppelherz® Tonic from herbs and other natural ingredients. 

Registration of the brand Doppelherz
1921 - 1960


The Doppelherz Tonic is distributed for the first time and registered as a trademark. This lays the foundation for the Doppelherz brand with all its current developments - and this is where its exciting story begins.


The popularity of the tonic grows quickly thanks to intensive advertising campaigns. The striking brand symbol showing two hearts soon became the epitome of vitality, health and well-being for millions. In the fifties, cheerful housewives, dressed in red and black, promote the tonic.

Foundation of Queisser Pharma
1960 - 1980


Both houses eventually merged into "Queisser Pharma". Since the 1970s the company belongs to the HGDF family holding, a long-established family business from Flensburg in Germany.

TV campaigns with cult status
1980 - 2000


The unique Doppelherz TV appearance made history in the German TV in 1982. Launched in the early 1980s and communicated over many years, the TV advertising campaign quickly reached cult status and is still remembered today by many customers.

Extending the product portfolio
2000 - 2010


The Doppelherz brand is not only synonymous with the famous tonic anymore. With the motto "everything your heart desires", Doppelherz puts all know-how into developing new products. In addition to an alcohol and sugar-free tonic (Vital Tonikum N), Doppelherz has developed into one of the leading brands in the product areas of garlic, ginseng, vitamins and minerals as well as omega-3 products.

The brand for the entire family
2010 - 2015


The Doppelherz brand has changed over the years. From the preventive products for heart, vitality and energy, a wide range of medicines and dietary supplements for the whole family has emerged.


Subsidiaries are founded in Ukraine and Romania. Turkey followed in early 2014.


In the product category OTC, Doppelherz is market leader in the German food retail and drugstore.

International and close to the customer


The new product advertisements today are also being created for online formats such as Instagram and Facebook, where the direct contact with the customer is being maintained. Parallel to the stationary trade, products are also distributed through online platforms, amongst them Amazon.

In Bulgaria the fifth subsidiary is founded in the end of 2016. Poland follows only half a year later.


Doppelherz worldwide: Doppelherz products are now available around the globe.With 6 subsidiaries and numerous partners in more than 60 countries, Doppelherz products have been established all over the world. In addition, the products are increasingly and precisely distributed and advertised over the Internet. Over 550 employees ensure that Doppelherz is able to cope with the steadily increasing demand for health products. And with the recently inaugurated logistics center in the north of Germany, Flensburg remains the “hub of the world” for Doppelherz.